What is FOSS?

FOSS means Free and Open Source Software.

It doesn’t mean software is free of cost. It means that source code of the software is open for all and anyone is free to use, study and modify the code. This principle allows other people to contribute to the development and improvement of a software like a community.

Why you should choose FOSS over Android and Apple products


FOSS Phones and Tablet come with operating systems and app stores geared towards maximizing the privacy and security of the user. All of the software that comes prepackaged with our devices is free and open-source, meaning the source code is publicly available. There are some apps in the app store that will have location tracking and other data collection features, but these will be explicitly listed on the app’s information page to allow the user to decide what information they are willing to relinquish to use a particular feature.

Control over your device

When a company uses proprietary software, they can program their software to do things against the user’s will. Many proprietary programs have backdoors that allow the parent company to change how the software works or force updates without the owner’s permission. The GNU project has cataloged countless examples of these interferences. Examples of unwanted interference by businesses against users include programming older phones to run slower, deleting eBooks without the owner’s permission, permanently disabling products that were taken to third party repair services, and adding unwanted tracking software.


Devices with data collection software and other background processes utilize a fair amount of the phone’s CPU and RAM usage, which causes the phone to run slower than it would without these unwanted background processes running. These processes also take a toll on battery life. Companies have also been caught intentionally slowing down older phones in order to increase sales of newer models.
Phones and tablets with our software installed on them will will run better and have better battery life over the long run.

Why FOSS Is Important

Freedom means having control over your own life. If you use a program to carry out activities in your life, your freedom depends on your having control over the program. You deserve to have control over the programs you use, and all the more so when you use them for something important in your life.
A free program allows you to tinker with it to make it do what you want (or cease to do something you dislike). Tinkering with software may sound ridiculous if you are accustomed to proprietary software as a sealed box, but in the Free World it’s a common thing to do, and a good way to learn programming. Even the traditional American pastime of tinkering with cars is obstructed because cars now contain nonfree software.

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