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F-Droid– An app store that only provides free and open-source apps. If any app has the potential to threaten your privacy or potentially perform undesired behavior, then the store will list all of these potential problems in the app’s description. Almost all of the apps listed on this page will be available in the f-droid store. Available for download at


  • Proprietary example: Google chrome
  • Vanadium-
  • Icecat
  • Duckduckgo privacy browser
  • Midori
  • Bromite
  • Fennec

Privacy and Security

  • Exodus- Shows trackers and permissions from your installed apps
  • Wi-Fi privacy Police- blocks your smartphone or tablet from sending out private information via WiFi networks.


  • Properitary example: Google maps
  • OSMand~

Media Player

  • VLC


  • Tutanota
  • FairEmail

Instant Messenger

  • Proprietary example: WhatsApp
  • Signal
  • Tox
  • Session

Youtube and Social Media

Proprietary examples: YouTube and Facebook

  • Instagrabber- This allows you to view and download pictures and videos from Instagram without logging into your account. The app will allow you to login into your account if needed. It sends minimal data to Facebook.
  • New Pipe-Allows you to watch and download YouTube videos without giving away any of your personal data. The app will not allow you to sign into your YouTube account, comment, read reply comments, or like videos.
  • Faceslim- This allows you to use Facebook while sending the minimal amount of personal data.
  • Slimsocial-Allows you to use Twitter with minimal trackers and data collection.

Video Call

  • Tox
  • Jitsimeet


  • Forecastie

PDF Reader

  • MuPDF

Password Manager

  • Keep pass dx


  • Unit converter
  • Simple flashlight
  • Survival manual
  • ProtonVPN